Self Help Classics

Improve your life, achieve success and find lasting happiness with your personal growth portable library of classic masterpieces on personal improvement, daily inspiration or business success.


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  • A collection of some of the best motivational ever written. Some are very hard to find books. Love having them all at my finger tips anytime, anywhere!
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  • This is an amazing app with books that can make you millions. Very convenient.


  1. Text-to-speech with latest generation computer generated voice
  2. gorgeous new UI optimized for ease of use and accessibility
  3. improved reading with 5 great font options
  4. night mode theme
  5. books now have a "last opened" bookmark, easily accessible from the table of contents. Reading progress is marked discreetly above the book cover on the library page
  6. search is now more intuitive and narrowed to in-book (accessible from the table of contents) or in-chapter
  7. if the 34 already-paid-for classic inspirational masterpieces are not enough, 6 premium packs are available as in-app-purchases, further expanding your collection to 60 volumes


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I put a lot of work and effort into this update, and I think it's the best version of Self Help Classics to date. I know you'll think the same once you see the gorgeous typography, the elegant unobtrusive reading mode, the great looking bookshelf.

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