Clean Writer for iPad

Distraction-free minimalist text editor for iPad with great features for writers.

Elegant and Tasteful

Clean Writer was the first distraction-free minimalist plain text editor for iPad. Now it comes back: a whole new redesigned app, better than ever.

Created for creative people: bloggers, journalists or writers looking for their muse, offering an uninterrupted writing experience that successfully fights writer’s block and liberates your inspiration.

Powerful features in a clean interface

  • Skinable - with Multiple Color Themes & Font Selection, you will find the one for your tastes
  • Clutter-Free Interface - all features are hidden from sight; you can hide everything save the text
  • Gestures - pinch to change font size, tap to jump at start/end of text, swipes to show File, Preferences or Help
  • Dropbox - grab your plain text file from the cloud, edit it locally. When done, upload it when and where you see fit.
  • Connected - get files from/to external apps, sync them via iTunes, email them as attachments
  • Smart - live counter of chars, words and lines, for the typing-conscious; autosaves files when needed(yet gives you the freedom to do it as well); intelligent default file names to prevent accidental overwrites
  • Markdown - preview the HTML output of your Markdown tags
  • Configurable - enable the extended keyboard row and configure custom keys or text shortcuts to your liking

Those who tried it love it


One of the best bargains in iPad-based text editing is Clean Writer
Mac World
Clean Writer... has quickly become my favorite way to write on the iPad.
Hats off to the developers for creating something writers can use for under $1.
The Next Web
Clean Writer, at only $.99, provides almost identical features as Writer, at a fraction of the cost.
All the other writing apps are all crammed with features. Clean Writer lets go of it all and gives you only what you really need.